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Hong Kong – well known as a shopping mecca. Well, yes it is. But forget Gucci, Prada and Burberry. Here are our best tips on getting good deals on baby clothes in Hong Kong:

<b>Tip 1: Hand-me-downs</b>

Babies grow fast and outgrow their clothes in no time. Local culture says that it’s lucky for a newborn to wear clothes given by a friend/relative.

If you haven’t been offered hand-me-downs, plenty of parents will sell off their slightly used clothes for a few hundred dollars.

Try these local sites:

Ebay HK (now in English)

<b>Tip 2: Sample Shops</b>

Trail around Johnston Road in Wan Chai and the back streets of Causeway Bay to pick up British, American and Japanese brands for next to nothing. Baby stuff is often thrown into boxes at the front of the store. You’ll often get stuff for a piece.

Stanley market deserves special mention. You’ll find Next and GAP, Gymboree, Gap, Carter’s, Osh Kosh and many other famous brands that may have some minor flaw. Often, the labels are cut – these are the originals. If the labels are all intact, check closely the quality of the stitching and the labelling to see of they’re fake.

Also, check out Li Yuen Streets in Central, Fa Yuen St in Prince Edward and Lion Rock Rd in Kowloon City.

<b>Tip 3: Local markets</b>

Chinese-made clothes are very reasonably priced and the quality has improved markedly in recent years. Although you may not be able to find 100% cotton, you can find some very good quality basics such as onesies, bibs and real, cloth nappies!

Wan Chai market and Ladies’ market in Mongkok have plenty of stalls stocking baby clothes and other BABY paraphanalia.

Stanley Market carries children’s clothing from most major US brands (Carters, Osh Kosh, GAP, Ralph Lauren) at very inexpensive prices.

Also, check out Marble Road market in North Point.

<b>Tip 4: Citygate Outlets</b>

Take yourself off to Lantau for some bargains. Though not super cheap, you’ll find some huge markdowns (up to 90%) at these outlets. <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link']);” href=”http://www.hongkongbabies.com/classifieds/index/view?id=2152932:Classified:1322″>Details</a>

<b>Tip 5: End of season sales</b>

Mothercare, Kingkow, Chickeeduck, etc all have sales at the end of the season. The key here is to plan your shopping well in advance. For example, if your baby is due in summer, buy winter clothes from newborn to 6 months in the previous end of winter sale. And so on…

Local HK mum-of-two. Chief Mommy-at-Large of Hong Kong’s newest online parenting community.

It is located in the OshKosh shopping outlet center in OshKosh, Wisconsin. I added the commentary after i filmed. They carry retired and current outfits. For example, the ruby ballet set is , but at the outlet store it is .
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